Improve Your Health, and Simplify Your Life, with Kangen Water

Guest Post: Olivia Kingsbury

When you purchase your own Enagic device, you are making an investment of a lifetime. You cannot attach a price tag to all of the benefits you will receive when switching to alkaline water to hydrate you and your family. Our mentor, Dirk Adams, gave a keynote presentation in Northern Los Angeles on August 7th. Aside from sharing Enagic’s mission to make ionized water an attainable commodity, he gave real-time (and indisputable!) demonstrations on how pH balanced water can simplify your daily life. In this blog post I will be sharing some interesting insights and my experience after attending Dirk’s presentation; primarily about the bioavailability of alkaline water in the human body and the many different uses that different pHs can have.

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It is no surprise that your body responds best to alkaline water. It is in the presence of high acidity that toxins, health ailments, and cell mutations can occur in the body (Mohsin et al, 2013). It is even suggested in this study that acidity “feeds” dormant cancer cells. By drinking water with a pH higher than seven, you are neutralizing the acidic compounds in your gut and bloodstream, thus reducing your risk for disease and potentially growth of free radicals in your system. Alkaline water is both a preventative solution and a treatment option.

These colored samples demonstrate the pH of commonly sold water bottles. As you can see, most of them are at a 5 or below!


Enagic ionizers synthesize all of the characteristics of a living, alkaline, antioxidant, hydrolized, micro-structured water. The Enagic ionizers create seven types of water that you can use for both potable drinking water and functional purposes: super alkaline water (pH 11.5), alkaline water (pH 8.5, 9, and  9.5), neutral water (pH 7), beauty water (pH 4-6), and super acid water (pH 2.5). All these different variations serve multiple purposes and can replace many of the products you are already using in your home, making it an even more valuable asset to than it already is. Three uses I will cover in this blog post include using super alkaline water as a detergent, beauty water for skincare, and super acid water as a natural disinfectant.

Water above a pH of 11 that is created by Kangen makes for an excellent detergent replacement. By soaking your produce in a bowl of this basic water, the outer layer of oil based pesticides, herbicides, and agrichemicals is naturally broken down and cleansed from the skin. This process enhances their freshness and boosts their ability to ward off oxidation. It also increases the freshness and flavor of the fruits and vegetables as it does not interfere with the integrity of the nutrients! For the most effective result it is suggested to leave them soaking for approximately 20-30 minutes in a glass bowl. Below, you can see the difference in the water between Kangen and tap. The right side of the bowl appears dirtier as you can see, as it was able to strip the insecticides/pesticides from the tomatoes better than tap water. During the presentation, we were able to see this experiment be performed, and we were allowed to taste test. The difference in the “crunch” of the tomatoes soaked in Kangen water versus those soaked in regular water was astounding. They tasted as if they were picked from the vine moments earlier as opposed to sitting on the counter for a few days!

As you can see in the image above, the residual water from washing the tomatoes has been split in two. The clearer side is normal water, and the more polluted water is Kangen! High pH’s are a superior and natural cleaning solution.


As a young woman, I found the next usage of Kangen water particularly interesting. “Beauty” water as it is referred to as, is produced at a pH of 6.0 and this is the natural resting pH of our skin. The more we age, the more transepidermal water loss we experience on our skin. Premature aging is the direct result of dehydration! Knowing this, it is imperative that we keep our skin at an optimal pH to prevent signs of aging, sunspots, sagging, and more. The micro-clustered water is most easily absorbed by the skin at this range and therefore tones the skin and keeps it looking plump and moisturized. When prepping your Kangen water for the day, switching it to the beauty setting allows you to prepare a spray bottle with you wherever you go to touch up periodically. The best part is, it is entirely natural without any preservatives and saves you money on purchasing toners from the store.

The last demonstration that I found particularly interesting at the Kangen water information session was the “sanitizing water”. This water is at the far left hand side of the pH spectrum with a range of 2.5-3. This approximately has the same pH as citrus juices such as lemon. This liquid has highly detoxifying properties and can kill 99% of bacteria present on surfaces such as ecoli, samonella, and strep (Cotter and Hill, 2003). As a sufferer of eczema, I must be extremely cautious about using excessively drying products on my skin to avoid outbreaks. This means that traditional hand sanitizer triggers outbreaks due to the high alcohol content. By using acidic Kangen water, you can achieve identical outcome with no harmful side effects — which is unheard of in most of traditional Western healthcare.

Your Enagic machine has the capacity to eliminate your need to purchase skincare products, veggie washes, dish and clothing detergents, hand sanitizers, and antimicrobial cleansers.  It is not a 2 in 1, nor a 3 in 1, but instead a 100 in 1! There are so many unexplored uses for pH water that is only possible through an Enagic certified machine, as it is the highest caliber medical grade ionizer on the market. These experiments have demonstrated the extensive uses for such water, and were tested with pH testing liquid that is available for purchase in many stores. These experiments have also been replicated online many times and can be found to watch for yourself on Youtube!


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What does President Obama, Michael Phelps, and Beyonce have in common? They drink Kangen Water®.

By: Olivia Kingsbury

Oxygen is the essence of life. With one breath of fresh clean air, your mind is cleared and you feel energized. Do you feel the same after you have a glass of tap water? The answer should be yes, although, most Americans do not feel that way. The reason is simple: regular tap water does not have the same capacity to hydrate the human body as alkaline water. The presence of trace minerals, fluoride, and evidence of chlorine can severely hinder how water is absorbed by the gut. Alkaline ionized water, also known as Kangen Water®, has the ability to offer “superior hydration” benefits. This is because the body can more easily uptake alkalinized compounds than acidic ones. Celebrities and athletes alike are experiencing the benefits, including the Obama family, Olympians like Michael Phelps, and Beyonce just to name a few.

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Michelle Obama is an open advocate about the benefits of drinking alkaline water. In an interview she said “I’ve come to realize that if we [are] going to take just one step to make ourselves and our families healthier, probably the single best thing we could do is to simply drink more water”. The President’s entire family was encouraged to start drinking Kangen water when their cardiologist Gerald Bresnahan told them about the importance of alkalizing their diets.

An oxygenated and hydrated body is the first step to peak physical performance. That’s why Olympians like Michael Phelps rely on Kangen to give them an optimal edge, as Kangen water hydrates six times better than “normal” water. Aside from Phelps, a rising number of professional athletes are installing ionizing devices in their homes. Even professional sports nutrition consultants like Shan Stratton (who advise for the NBA, NFL, and more) are recommending Kangen.

But the endorsement does not stop there. Did you know Beyonce even drinks Kangen ionized water? It’s true! One of the biggest pop stars on the planet swears by this refreshing drink to keep her energy up for long rehearsals and draining shows. The most important part about Kangen water for performers is that even a 2% dehydration rate can be debilitating on stage. In addition to the endurance it provides, it also helps the muscles repair in the presence of high acidity, which is present after extended periods of exercise. She requests alkaline water at every show she performs, as requested in her rider, written by the Daily Mail.

People from many different walks of life benefit from Kangen water. Not only can it aid celebrities and athletes alike, but it can prevent a plethora of ailments and keep you in great health. If you would like to discover how alkaline water can change your life, contact Neil Okun for your free demonstration. 

Kangen Water Introduces a New Frontier of Health and Sustainability

Water is the most essential element to human survival, as it apomposes 72% of our body mass (MayoClinic, 2018). It aids in digestion, cell renewal, and brain function. This is why staying hydrated is crucial to your wellbeing. However, not all water affects our bodies in the same capacity, as the pH and source of the water determines the usability in our bodies. The lower the pH of a source of water, the more acidic it is. The natural pH level of water rests at neutral, which is a 7 on the pH scale. Anything above is basic, or referred to as alkaline or Kangen® water. Anything above 7+ is desirable to drink as our bodies can metabolize and fight off diseases more easily.

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According to Healthline, there is speculation that it can even fight free radicals that are known to cause cancer. A recent study of 100 participants found a significant difference in blood viscosity after drinking copious amounts of high pH water. This refers to the movement of blood through the blood vessels, and in particular, the ease at which it can do so. The lower the viscosity, the quicker the ‘new’ blood can move through the body. The study showed that those who had high pH water (like that of Kangen®) had a reduced viscosity of 6.3% compared to 3.36% of standard “purified” drinking water. In short, this increases the oxygen availability and deliverability throughout the body which is particular helpful in recovering from strenuous exercise (MayoClinic, 2018).

Traditionally, alkaline water has been mostly distributed via plastic bottles and other disposable means. While this can seem convenient, there are often claims of false advertising and misleading descriptions from other alkaline water manufacturers. According to Kangen Water Lifestyle online, the plastic vehicles in which bottled water is stored has high levels of BPA and phthalates, which are proven to be hazardous to human health.

This is when Enagic International, the leading international water-systems company, entered the market. For the past 40 years Enagic brings hydrogen-rich drinking water into the average consumer’s home. Enagic is the only water filtration and alkaline- ionizer distribution company in the world with its own OEM manufacturing facility in Japan and ISO certified quality control processes. All employees “must master high- level technological knowledge and proficiency throughout the entire process, including development, production, supply, and service”; they are truly pioneers in this field (Enagic, 2018). Many different types of operating systems exist depending on the quantity of Kangen® water needed. There are currently eight models on the market that range in power, price, and size. The most popular system provided by Enagic is the original SD501, also known as the ‘Ultimate Home Use Model’. It can produce five types of water: Kangen water, Clean (filtered) water, Acidic (beauty) water, Strong Kangen water for washing food, and Strong disinfecting Acidic water. On top of the world class quality of their machines, Enagic International has outstanding customer service. They have multiple locations across the United States and value a one-on-one installation process, so all Kangen owners are confident and capable of handling their personal ionizer. All purchases are backed by a five-year warranty so consumers can feel secure in their investment.

A final consideration to make about switching to Kangen is the small carbon footprint it makes. National Geographic has described the bottled water epidemic as a “drain on the environment”; the U.S alone goes through 50 billion water bottles a year. Most of these bottles are not even recycled. What is an even more startling figure is that 1,500 plastic bottles are consumed every second. Aside from the enormous health benefits of drinking Kangen water, it is clear that the environmental impact is positive as well. By transitioning to sustainable and clean forms of water consumption such as KangenTM, we can improve our health and the world around us.