The value of my SD501-Platinum

When you purchase an Enagic Kangen water device, you are effectively purchasing 1000 purchases in one device. I’m serious! Although eight levels of pH water (four levels of drinkable pH water) may not seem shocking at first, these other four are powerful solvents that can take on a variety of properties. In this blog post I will be explaining to you how your one time purchase of an Enagic Kangen Water device will end up turning into the swiss army knives of kitchen appliances.

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The lowest pH setting on the device at 2.5, this is strong acidic water. But don’t be alarmed, this water cannot cause burns. This acidic water has many uses, the first being killing microbes on your food. This serves as an excellent pre-rinse for produce and meats, and if you let it sit for a minute it will kill MRSA and infections. It can also take the place of antibacterial soap! Not to mention, its chemical free. While you’re in your bathroom or by the sink you can use 2.5 pH water as a cleaner for spots from hard water. If you want a miniature facelift, spray a bit of the acidic water on your face and rub the skin upwards until it feels dry. You can then finish with a spray of the beauty water to neutralize. Doing a mouth rinse for a minute can also restore your natural pH in your mouth, and can help prevent or resolve periodontal diseases and root canals. If you are feeling ill or throwing up, you can reduce vomiting by swallowing approximately 1-2 tablespoons to help soothe the stomach. In the off chance you cut yourself, applying the acidic water will act as an antiseptic and help clotting. It kills candida on contact, as well as bacteria and pathogens. For fungus or poison ivy on the skin, spraying the affected area and patting will help heal it and slow down itching. Even growths like warts or moles can be treated by soaking a gauze pad or band aid with the water and applying directly and securing with a band aid or tape. It is important to note that this process will take a little extra time.

Now turn up your SD501-Platinum up to 4.5pH and all of a sudden you have ‘shine’ water. This magical pH can replace windex and clean mirrors, eyeglasses, windows, and more. It can even help remove limestone from chrome fixtures. Now, crank up the pH to 6.0 to get beauty water. This is highly comparable to rain water. You can use this water as a replacement to face soap by cleansing first with 11.5 pH, and toning with 6.0pH. Your hair can be transformed with this water as well, all you have to do is shower and use the water as a conditioner. This has a similar effects on pets, you can bathe them in the water for a more lustrous coats. It will soften the fabric of clothing as well and can make an excellent substitute for fabric softener. When preparing food, you can boil things like eggs and pasta. Likewise, you can use the water as a “pre-freeze” spray that will lock in flavor in meats before freeing them.

Now, turn the dial up to 11.5pH. This is strong alkaline water. If you drink .5-1 ounce of this water before bed, your body will release Melatonin. This will give you a great night’s sleep. In the case that you get a foreign object into your eye, strong alkaline water can serve as an eye wash. Fill an eye cup with the water and firmly place is around the eye socket. Tilt your head back, and roll your eyes around to disinfect. Even if you do not have anything lodged in your eye, doing this on a regular basis can improve your eye condition! For thrifty makeup wearers out there, this water is an excellent financial hack for your expensive makeup remover. This water will dissolve and remove your makeup fast and easily! If you have a fun weekend outside planned like a BBQ, using the water as a bug spray will keep the pests away. Soak a towel in 11.5 and add small amounts to your pulse points. And if the food does not sit well from the BBQ, ingesting a cup of fresh 11.5 followed by 9.5 will calm any indigestion. And if you drink too much the night before, the same protocol can ease pain. If you have a sensitive stomach to acidic foods, adding ice cubes created from the 11.5 water will help offset it!

For those who are in chemotherapy, drinking a cup of 11.5 will help lessen the side effects. It will also offset any oxidising factors. Application of 11.5 on burns can also help them heal more quickly. For home renovations or general upkeep, using 11.5 as a stain remover can be a cheap alternative to expensive detergents or spot treatments. It also acts as “goo gone” and can remove grease or sticky spots from most materials! Blotting the affected area for 10-20 minutes will reduce and remove it entirely.

These are just the tip of the iceberg. New uses for all the water levels are being found every day. The greatest use is providing a better lifestyle for you and your family eliminating the intake of carcinogens in the bottled water you’ve been purchasing, eliminating these very bottles being thrown in the waste of our environment and becoming conscious of taking care of your body which is 72% water. Drink on!!