Hydration and Alzheimer’s: A Not So Unlikely Pair

By making sure that the body is adequately hydrated, you can prevent the onset of degenerative mental conditions. Alkaline water and pH balanced water has restorative and medicinal properties that can prevent and protect against illnesses such as these. Read more below...

There are many internal benefits of drinking ionized water. A water ionizer helps to alkalize your body and give you the pH buffers it needs to keep your cells, tissues, bones, and organs from losing their hard-earned, healthy, alkaline minerals. Because our bodies are 72-75% water, and our brains are 85% water with electric charges, drinking ionized water is imperative to cognitive function. Water ionizers also provide an abundance of antioxidants to help fight the free-radicals that try to attack and damage your cells all day, every day, and prevent oxidative stress. Ionized water is hydrating, and so helps to give your body the hydrogen and oxygen it needs so as to not become dehydrated (particularly for elderly individuals). Alkaline ionized water is well known for helping with workouts and people are reporting all over how it helps them to have more energy in general.Water ionizers remove up to 85% [and if you add a Fluoride filter, 99.9%] of the fluoride in water, along with other toxins, making something as simple as water one of the cleanest, purest things you can consume.

Ionized water is considered a detoxifying agent. Water in general is also known as the universal solvent. As ionized water passes through the channels in your body it picks up the toxins that your body needs to eliminate. The brain uses more oxygen [per unit of weight] than any other body part. Because of this it is subject to “free-radical damage” otherwise known as oxidative stress. In 2011, a study was shown that electrolyzed water decreased oxidative stress on many different kinds of neural cells, including brain cells (BMC, 2011). The conclusion was that ionized water is particularly beneficial in the prevention of neurodegenerative disease. Because the onset of memory loss in old age is, in part, due to the deposition of toxins and too much oxygen, drinking Kangen will prevent it.
Dehydration occurs when the body loses more fluids than it takes in. The elderly are at a particular risk of developing this dangerous condition due to a diminished thirst sensation, and the natural changes in water/sodium balance that occurs as the body ages. People with Alzheimer’s disease will often take antipsychotic drugs and cholinesterase inhibitors which can cause the body to lose fluids. Many other medications such as diuretics, antidepressants, oxygen and blood pressure medications also add to the risk of body fluid loss. Fever, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating and high temperatures during the summer months are other common causes of dehydration (Mayo Clinic, 2015). Knowing how much water is crucial. To determine how much you personally need, a rule of thumb is to divide your body weight in half. This number is the minimum amount of ounces you should drink, it never hurts to drink more!
Although all the Enagic devices are excellent, the K8 is across the board the most popular selection. It is arguably the most powerful machine on the market, and boasts 8 platinum-dipped medical grade titanium plates which increase the surface area for electrolysis to be conducted on. This further improves the ionization of your water, and thus, the capacity to remove oxidative stress from your body. In short, the more ionization present, the more antioxidant production potential. Not only is this imperative for preventing dehydration, aging, degenerative disease, and cognitive memory loss, but it also keeps you in short term optimal health. If the K8 is not your top selection, Enagic has other models in a variety of shapes and aesthetics that may be more appealing to your taste. These can be found here.
Despite preventative measures, in the event that you or an older loved one experiences chronic dehydration, you can identify it by the following symptoms: Confusion and/or irritability (in a person with Alzheimer’s disease sudden increase in confusion or change in behavior is almost certain), sunken eyes, continuous fever, delirium, does not urinate in an 8 hour period, and unconsciousness.
However, this can be largely avoided by frequently consuming electrically ionized water at your body’s optimal pH. Flushing out toxins and keeping your body at peak health is great, but what is particularly exciting about this research is that no other therapy has been shown to be effective against oxidative damage to the brain. In other words, alkaline water offers the only hope in the ongoing research battle to understand oxidative damage to the human brain (Magro, 2). Drink up!