Alkaline Water 101

What Is Alkaline Water Anyway?

Alkaline water is H2O that has been ionized, meaning the water’s pH (hydrogen) level has been increased. A process called electrolysis separates the acid and the alkaline properties in the water. Alkaline water has a pH level of around 8 or 9. A pH of 7 is the normal level of tap or bottled water.

Why Should I Drink Alkaline Water?

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There are numerous health benefits associated with the consumption of alkaline water. Proponents of the beverage list the following reasons to sip:

  • Hydration – The water molecules are smaller and are more readily absorbed by your cells. Being properly hydrated is critical to achieving good health.
  • Vitamins and Minerals – Alkaline water has minerals like magnesium and calcium, both of which are crucial to maintaining healthy bones. Ionized water is also thought to provide your body with anti-oxidants, the little soldiers that destroy damaging free radicals. This can slow the aging process.
  • Decreased Acidity In The Body – science has shown acidity to be detrimental to our long-term health. Alkaline water lowers acid levels in the stomach and gastrointestinal tract (G.I.).
  • Immunity – You can boost your immune system by helping your body neutralize the acidity in our bodies due to poor diet, stress and environmental toxins. A healthy body is alkaline.
  • How to Drink Alkaline Water:
  • 1. Start drinking the alkaline water at 1⁄4 cup 3 times a day and gradually increase it up until you are drinking nothing but alkaline water. Watch for any signs of detox (headaches, extra tiredness, runny nose…). As soon as any detox symptoms turn on, even SLIGHTLY, stop drinking alkaline water for 2-3 days until the detox symptoms diminish. Then start all over at the 1⁄4 cup level and gradiently increase it again.
  • Remember that PAIN is the first indicator to STOP. “No pain, no gain” is not true. That may apply to career advancement, but it certainly does not apply to health issues including exercise! Pain is something to avoid. So when the body starts to detox, it is important that one backs off from drinking any alkaline water for 2-3 days, until the detox symptoms diminish

The signs of detox are headaches (minor ones), migraines, runny noses, extra tiredness, to dispose of toxins.

2. Alkaline water may be boiled to make tea, coffee, soups, rice, noodles and other food applications.

3. If a person is critically/chronically ill, he or she may want to drink 1-1 1⁄4 gallon of alkaline water per day, but, they must go on FULL bed rest while drinking this quantity of alkaline water. They must not answer the phone, run errands…etc. If they are true to bed rest, they can consume this quantity of water and sleep off most of the detox symptoms. If they don’t, they will be miserable with runny nose, headaches and extra fatigue.

How exactly does alkaline water work?

  • Basically, one’s acid waste and heavy metals are highly positively charged and the negatively charged alkaline water merely helps the cells to discharge their toxic waste.
  • The heavy metals in the body are in oxide forms. In other words, one does not have chunks of metal in their body but have metal salts, such as, mercury salt, lead salt (mercury oxides, lead oxides).
  • Alkaline water will help uptake nutrition. It is commonly used for chicken and cattle ranching to increase feed efficiency and enhance the immune systems of the animals.