Beauty Tricks with Kangen Water

Kangen water is popular for drinking for its health benefits, as you may have heard! But for healthy hair and skin, choosing Kangen is the right choice. This article will explain why it is the optimal product for all types of personal care. Read more...

Ionized acidic water is called beauty water in Asia as it is widely used for its beauty benefits.  Ionized acidic water acts as an astringent, naturally toning and tightening the skin. Minor skin irritations can be soothed by acidic water, and it can even be used for first aid!This is because most bacterias and irritants cannot survive in such an acidic environment and the water will inhibit their ability to enter the body. Not to mention, this process of toning and tightening the skin creates a glowy and radiant appearance.

By using mildly acidic water (pH of 4-5) you can help your skin’s natural pH balance out and improve its overall appearance. If your face looks tired, splash on some ionized water and it will brighten up your skin for a quick beauty tune-up. Ionized acidic water is a great touch up for puffy eyes.

For irritated skin, soak a clean cloth in ionized acidic water and cover the affected area with it. For soothing skin irritations, the water should be cool to cold as to avoid further pain. For sunburns and minor burns, use cold ionized acidic water as it will help soothe and encourage healing more quickly as the epidermis is reduced in swelling size.

Kangen water is also a miracle hair care product. Rinsing hair with ionized acidic water compacts and closes hair follicles. This makes the hair stronger, shinier, and overall more manageable. An ionized acidic water rinse for damaged or over processed hair can restore health and shine in as little as one treatment!

Another common problem people experience with hair care is that general detergents can strip and dry hair out. Not Kangen!It is gentle enough to use every day. Over time, it will help to dissolve and rinse away build up left by styling products and hard water. It makes for an excellent dupe for Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinses, which can be found in very pricey salons!

Overall, Kangen water has unlimited potential for both your internal health and your exterior beauty. By purchasing an Enagic device, you are also investing in medicine cabinet worth of products you don’t need to purchase anymore! Let Kangen be your one-stop-shop, contact Neil Okun today for more information on how to get a hold of your very own ionizer.