Kangen Specialist Spotlight: Gerald Bresnahan, M.D FACC

Dr.Gerald Bresnahan is a renowned cardiologist and physician around the world. He has worked with prestigious clients such as the Obama family, Clintons, the Pope and the Queen of England to name a few. He is an open advocate of drinking alkaline water, and frequently references the healing properties of Kangen water in his work. In this spotlight feature we will discuss Dr.Bresnahan’s background and credentials, and some of his pertinent medical findings in relation to alkalizing your body.

When Dr.Bresnahan’s father passed away at a young age due to heart disease, and from this event, Bresnahan was inspired to become a cardiologist. He studied at the USC Medical Center. Over the years he has become one of the biggest names in the field, and has pioneered ingenious medical techniques to prevent or predict heart attacks. Some of which includes an enzyme which can detect the possible presence of heart attacks in high-risk patients. To this day, he remains on-call for some of the most notable figures in our society but resides in Los Angeles. While in office, Bresnahan was an extremely influential consultant for Barack Obama and his family. Bresnahan advised on multiple aspects of the Obamas life, but in particular on diet and heart health. It is believed he inspired Michelle Obama to enact her “drink more water” initiatives for children and parents alike. This campaign is still making an impact today.

Across his research, his most pivotal point is the impact of alkalizing your diet. He explained the troubles of trying to feed patients an entirely alkaline diet to promote healing, yet it is impossible to eat enough to bring your pH to a desirable level. “It was then that we realized we needed to change the pH more easily, and preferably what we are already doing… that is drinking water”. Osmosis uptake of water is more readily available to be used by the body; changing the pH through liquid means is much more effective. Bresnahan encouraged the Obamas to drink Kangen because of the convenience of the machines and the prestige of the brand, but also because of the long lasting health impacts. Overtime, returning your body to an alkaline pH reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease as these issues cannot thrive in a physically alkaline environment. Today, Bresnahan resides as a board member of the Trivani Medical Board and practices as a director in a major cardiology clinic in Los Angeles.