Cooking with Kangen!

Staying hydrated with alkaline Kangen Water is an important step towards physical health, but a healthy diet is also paramount in overall wellness. It is no secret that staying hydrated is the key to a happy and healthy life. You can maximize the power of your Enagic machine by learning how to prepare Nature’s healthy… Continue reading Cooking with Kangen!

Beauty Tricks with Kangen Water

Kangen water is popular for drinking for its health benefits, as you may have heard! But for healthy hair and skin, choosing Kangen is the right choice. This article will explain why it is the optimal product for all types of personal care.

Detoxifying with Kangen

You might hear the word detoxification being thrown around quite a bit. That’s because it is gaining awareness among health communities, as well as beauty communities. A 2011 study on the effects of drinking alkaline water reveals that drinking alkaline water can provide detoxification of heavy metals from your body.

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Hydration and Alzheimer’s: A Not So Unlikely Pair

By making sure that the body is adequately hydrated, you can prevent the onset of degenerative mental conditions. Alkaline water and pH balanced water has restorative and medicinal properties that can prevent and protect against illnesses such as these.

Contamination Nation: What to Do When Your Water is Not as Safe as You Think It Is

The recent developments in our global water crisis have become startling. Many regions throughout the U.S are receiving poor, if not completely undrinkable, water. This is from many reasons; disasters, leaching chemicals, and unsatisfactory filtering processes. One of the most crucial areas facing this has been Sacramento, California. In fact, nearly 36,000 people in the… Continue reading Contamination Nation: What to Do When Your Water is Not as Safe as You Think It Is