Improve Your Health, and Simplify Your Life, with Kangen Water

Guest Post: Olivia Kingsbury

When you purchase your own Enagic device, you are making an investment of a lifetime. You cannot attach a price tag to all of the benefits you will receive when switching to alkaline water to hydrate you and your family. Our mentor, Dirk Adams, gave a keynote presentation in Northern Los Angeles on August 7th. Aside from sharing Enagic’s mission to make ionized water an attainable commodity, he gave real-time (and indisputable!) demonstrations on how pH balanced water can simplify your daily life. In this blog post I will be sharing some interesting insights and my experience after attending Dirk’s presentation; primarily about the bioavailability of alkaline water in the human body and the many different uses that different pHs can have.


It is no surprise that your body responds best to alkaline water. It is in the presence of high acidity that toxins, health ailments, and cell mutations can occur in the body (Mohsin et al, 2013). It is even suggested in this study that acidity “feeds” dormant cancer cells. By drinking water with a pH higher than seven, you are neutralizing the acidic compounds in your gut and bloodstream, thus reducing your risk for disease and potentially growth of free radicals in your system. Alkaline water is both a preventative solution and a treatment option.

These colored samples demonstrate the pH of commonly sold water bottles. As you can see, most of them are at a 5 or below!


Enagic ionizers synthesize all of the characteristics of a living, alkaline, antioxidant, hydrolized, micro-structured water. The Enagic ionizers create seven types of water that you can use for both potable drinking water and functional purposes: super alkaline water (pH 11.5), alkaline water (pH 8.5, 9, and  9.5), neutral water (pH 7), beauty water (pH 4-6), and super acid water (pH 2.5). All these different variations serve multiple purposes and can replace many of the products you are already using in your home, making it an even more valuable asset to than it already is. Three uses I will cover in this blog post include using super alkaline water as a detergent, beauty water for skincare, and super acid water as a natural disinfectant.

Water above a pH of 11 that is created by Kangen makes for an excellent detergent replacement. By soaking your produce in a bowl of this basic water, the outer layer of oil based pesticides, herbicides, and agrichemicals is naturally broken down and cleansed from the skin. This process enhances their freshness and boosts their ability to ward off oxidation. It also increases the freshness and flavor of the fruits and vegetables as it does not interfere with the integrity of the nutrients! For the most effective result it is suggested to leave them soaking for approximately 20-30 minutes in a glass bowl. Below, you can see the difference in the water between Kangen and tap. The right side of the bowl appears dirtier as you can see, as it was able to strip the insecticides/pesticides from the tomatoes better than tap water. During the presentation, we were able to see this experiment be performed, and we were allowed to taste test. The difference in the “crunch” of the tomatoes soaked in Kangen water versus those soaked in regular water was astounding. They tasted as if they were picked from the vine moments earlier as opposed to sitting on the counter for a few days!

As you can see in the image above, the residual water from washing the tomatoes has been split in two. The clearer side is normal water, and the more polluted water is Kangen! High pH’s are a superior and natural cleaning solution.


As a young woman, I found the next usage of Kangen water particularly interesting. “Beauty” water as it is referred to as, is produced at a pH of 6.0 and this is the natural resting pH of our skin. The more we age, the more transepidermal water loss we experience on our skin. Premature aging is the direct result of dehydration! Knowing this, it is imperative that we keep our skin at an optimal pH to prevent signs of aging, sunspots, sagging, and more. The micro-clustered water is most easily absorbed by the skin at this range and therefore tones the skin and keeps it looking plump and moisturized. When prepping your Kangen water for the day, switching it to the beauty setting allows you to prepare a spray bottle with you wherever you go to touch up periodically. The best part is, it is entirely natural without any preservatives and saves you money on purchasing toners from the store.

The last demonstration that I found particularly interesting at the Kangen water information session was the “sanitizing water”. This water is at the far left hand side of the pH spectrum with a range of 2.5-3. This approximately has the same pH as citrus juices such as lemon. This liquid has highly detoxifying properties and can kill 99% of bacteria present on surfaces such as ecoli, samonella, and strep (Cotter and Hill, 2003). As a sufferer of eczema, I must be extremely cautious about using excessively drying products on my skin to avoid outbreaks. This means that traditional hand sanitizer triggers outbreaks due to the high alcohol content. By using acidic Kangen water, you can achieve identical outcome with no harmful side effects — which is unheard of in most of traditional Western healthcare.

Your Enagic machine has the capacity to eliminate your need to purchase skincare products, veggie washes, dish and clothing detergents, hand sanitizers, and antimicrobial cleansers.  It is not a 2 in 1, nor a 3 in 1, but instead a 100 in 1! There are so many unexplored uses for pH water that is only possible through an Enagic certified machine, as it is the highest caliber medical grade ionizer on the market. These experiments have demonstrated the extensive uses for such water, and were tested with pH testing liquid that is available for purchase in many stores. These experiments have also been replicated online many times and can be found to watch for yourself on Youtube!


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