What does President Obama, Michael Phelps, and Beyonce have in common? They drink Kangen Water®.

By: Olivia Kingsbury

Oxygen is the essence of life. With one breath of fresh clean air, your mind is cleared and you feel energized. Do you feel the same after you have a glass of tap water? The answer should be yes, although, most Americans do not feel that way. The reason is simple: regular tap water does not have the same capacity to hydrate the human body as alkaline water. The presence of trace minerals, fluoride, and evidence of chlorine can severely hinder how water is absorbed by the gut. Alkaline ionized water, also known as Kangen Water®, has the ability to offer “superior hydration” benefits. This is because the body can more easily uptake alkalinized compounds than acidic ones. Celebrities and athletes alike are experiencing the benefits, including the Obama family, Olympians like Michael Phelps, and Beyonce just to name a few.

Michelle Obama is an open advocate about the benefits of drinking alkaline water. In an interview she said “I’ve come to realize that if we [are] going to take just one step to make ourselves and our families healthier, probably the single best thing we could do is to simply drink more water”. The President’s entire family was encouraged to start drinking Kangen water when their cardiologist Gerald Bresnahan told them about the importance of alkalizing their diets.

An oxygenated and hydrated body is the first step to peak physical performance. That’s why Olympians like Michael Phelps rely on Kangen to give them an optimal edge, as Kangen water hydrates six times better than “normal” water. Aside from Phelps, a rising number of professional athletes are installing ionizing devices in their homes. Even professional sports nutrition consultants like Shan Stratton (who advise for the NBA, NFL, and more) are recommending Kangen.

But the endorsement does not stop there. Did you know Beyonce even drinks Kangen ionized water? It’s true! One of the biggest pop stars on the planet swears by this refreshing drink to keep her energy up for long rehearsals and draining shows. The most important part about Kangen water for performers is that even a 2% dehydration rate can be debilitating on stage. In addition to the endurance it provides, it also helps the muscles repair in the presence of high acidity, which is present after extended periods of exercise. She requests alkaline water at every show she performs, as requested in her rider, written by the Daily Mail.

People from many different walks of life benefit from Kangen water. Not only can it aid celebrities and athletes alike, but it can prevent a plethora of ailments and keep you in great health. If you would like to discover how alkaline water can change your life, contact Neil Okun for your free demonstration. 

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