The Mechanics Behind Your Kangen Water

If you are interested in keeping your body in its fittest state possible, maintaining an optimal pH should be at the top of your priority list. By restoring your body’s natural pH to neutral, or approximately 7.4, peak health is easier to obtain. If your blood dips below a 6.8, then it becomes acidic and harbors sickness and disease. In particular, cancer cells thrive in a more acidic environment, which is why you should aim to maintain internal neutrality as much as you can. By drinking plenty of ionized Kangen water, you can prevent your immune system from becoming weak or unable to fight pathogens.  

In this article I will be touching on how Kangen water is developed through the Enagic device, and some of the state-of-the art features it has. In specific, the alkaline-micro-cluster water it creates is only available through Enagic as it has medical grade certified technology. This water is the most readily available water to be absorbed by our bodies, and keeps it hydrated for longer.

Enagic produces eight different styles of ionizers. However, the motive behind each device is the same: to provide water in the most bioavailable state possible for the human body. It does this through a series of processes which pulls source water through a multi-step process within an ionizing chamber and out through a spigot.

The image above demonstrates an internal diagram of the Enagic device chamber. The process is known to as electrolysis. This is the decomposition of water into its hydrogen and oxygen elements as the result of the passage of an electric current, according to


The first step in the creation of Kangen water, is the entrance of tap water into the device. Typical tap water is full of heavy metals and toxins, which is removed by the Enagic water purifying filter. However, it preserves important trace minerals such as Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium. After this, the water flows through a multi-electrode plate mechanism which ionizes and splits the water into alkaline and acidic waters.

Kangen water is the only water on the market that is created by being in contact with solid dipped, platinum, plates. These plates are only used by Enagic as they are patented, and the platinum used is medical grade platinum that retails for over $1500 a piece. On top of this, the Kangen Water Machine has ionizing plates that have the largest surface area than any other ionizing machine available. Even the closest competitor has a 75% smaller surface area, which is crucial to the production of quality water. In chemistry, the longer an electrical voltage stays within a plate, and the longer the amount of time water is in contact with it, the more complete the total ionization is.

You can also be sure your Kangen device will last many years. They are built with extreme dedication by one trained technician. On top of this, the machine goes through a 22 point inspection by 5 separate individuals for quality assurance. Enagic also has six internationally recognized certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, the Water Quality Association Gold Seal for product certification, and a member in good standing of the Direct Selling Association. The ISO 9001 pertains to Enagic’s audited and reviewed quality management system processes. The ISO 13485 refers to Enagic’s quality management system as a medical device which meets medical standards. The ISO 14001 rating is the world’s most recognized environmental standard. It ensures that Enagic’s business model maps out the framework for their projected environmental impact and how they plan on managing their carbon footprint.